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Flood and Biohazard Clean Ups

DJ Dial A Clean are specialists in all aspects of biohazard cleaning services. We specialise in crime scene clean ups, covering public and commercial properties, body fluid removal, infection control, restoration, decomposition, deodorizing and sanitising where death has occurred.

Our Crime Scene Cleaning Includes -

  • Extreme Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Biological Cleanups
  • Hazard Cleaning services
  • Decontamination Cleaning
  • Forensic Cleaning Services

Crime and trauma scenes provide a real challenge with very dangerous and infectious diseases such as Hepatitis, Tuberculosis (TB) often present. Decontamination of the scene is vital after natural deaths and suicides. Curly cleaners specialize in decontamination of properties to avoid cross contamination from body fluids.


We also offer removal of infected needles and syringes which are a major hazard to members of the public this can vary from the removal of an individual needle to clearing up a major drugs den, and public areas. All disposal is through registered Environmental Agency Companies for incineration.


Floods can happen anytime and can have a catastrophic effect. They are mainly caused by the rising of ground water levels, burst water drains, sudden overflowing from rivers and the sea.

After a flood it is vital that the premises are checked instantly by a professional company and the removal of all water affected items and areas is performed quickly.

DJ Dial A Clean offer a fast and efficient clean up solution to both commercial and residential property owners 24 hours a day.